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The Perfect Radio Jingle

It may sound obvious, but having a distinctive sound is an absolutely critical component of building brand identity for a radio program. That doesn’t just mean deciding what genre of music you’ll play to audiences or what tone your talk show will take. It means broadcasting a couple of pieces of music at the beginning (intro) and at the end (outro) of the show that are instantly recognizable. These two radio jingles aren’t a throwaway. They complete the branding of a sound-based program, and they help build a loyal audience. And by setting a certain tone, they facilitate the audience’s expectations of what type of show is coming up.

How Does a Radio Jingle Benefit My Program?

A good radio jingle will have to be pleasant and catchy – enough so that every time it is played, the audience knows straight away which show is on without even having to hear any content. The personality of the presenter and the tone of the program will shine through. A hard-hitting talk show may have an urgent march to usher it in. A comedy program will have something jaunty and amusing. And a taste of something dark and mysterious is perfect for introducing a true crime podcast.


Once your intro and outro music is sorted, you should consider how your program will be divided into different segments. A good flow to the show is important for keeping your listeners interested. You might have a general chat segment followed by a music set. Then perhaps an important guest commentator or a news update. If it’s a comedy show, then a couple of regular sketches or characters might form the backbone of the bigger program. A very short radio intro at the beginning of some of these segments creates a micro brand within that broader context of the show and acts as a cue for the audience about the order of proceedings. It’s all about building anticipation and excitement.

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Why Choose Royalty-Free Jingles?

Luckily we’ve got you covered no matter what kind of radio program you’re developing. The LRM library is packed with excellent, unique tracks for you to license, and it’s growing all the time thanks to collaboration with other artists. And because it’s royalty-free, you can play the music over and over again under a one-time licensing fee. The value for money over paying royalties is huge for a broadcaster, especially if you’ll be streaming over the internet as well as through traditional radio. And it’s also important if you’re an independent broadcaster without big advertising income. And maybe most importantly, licensing music this way cuts out a level of administrative hassle for you. The fee is paid once, and that’s the end of the matter, until you approach the threshold of your license. Then you can either renew it or upgrade to a more comprehensive license.

What Jingle Solutions Can we Offer?

Not sure where to start? We can recommend a few tracks to give you an idea of what we offer. We’ve got a great selection, from heavy beats in a minor key to quirky and fun uptempo pieces.

For a Serious Topic

Music that conveys the seriousness of the topics may have a slower beat with building tension or a gradually-building crescendo. It might indicate that what’s coming up is a no-nonsense examination of a current event, or it may introduce a guest with expertise on a serious topic. LRM’s 10 Second Countdown, for example, provides a deliberate downbeat which emphasizes the steadfastness of the presentation.


  • Intro – Russia

For Breaking News

A faster beat with a more urgent minor key melody, like the Crime A Intro would be a useful jingle to jump to a piece of breaking news. Its tense, dark tempo would also be a fantastic sound for introducing an investigative journalism segment or as the main radio jingle for a mystery podcast, a genre whose popularity has exploded recently.


  • Intro – Russia

Friendly & Welcome

Friendly Present gives a wonderful calm finality that would suit the closing credits of your show. And if you’re after a playful radio jingle to transition into an entertainment segment, consider Break & Enter (Fast Edit), which has a lively sound. Something New has a terrifically chatty feel, perfect for moving to a talk segment or interview.


  • Intro – Russia

Explore all of our Sound Designs

And we’ve got loads more that can suit workaday segments like general news, weather and traffic updates, and even transitioning to an on-location broadcast. These things are often included in radio broadcasts, but they don’t necessarily reflect the tone of the program itself. They stand independent of whatever your show is about. Browse our extensive selection of tracks and you’ll be sure to find one with just the right amount of tension to draw your audience’s curiosity about what’s to come!

Get a Custom Design for your Individual Project

And if you thought that getting a custom radio jingle was beyond your budget and vision, LRM is here to change your mind. A commissioned radio jingle that’s truly different and that takes into account your talents’ personalities is definitely within reach! If you haven’t found just what you’re after amongst LRM’s library or you would love to have something unique that you know hasn’t been heard before, talk to our in-house composer, Thilo Konstanzer, about your needs. With years of experience in developing distinctive intro music designed to evoke specific moods, he can work with you to create a brand that’s all your own.


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