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Software Demo Music

Use music to help clients see solutions in your software!


Surely one of the hottest questions for new apps, new websites, any new UX is always: is it intuitive? In other words, is it easy to figure out how to use it and get around in it? If it is, then people fall in love with it fast. And they also recommend it to friends.

But sometimes new software, especially really innovative stuff, needs a walkthrough video as part of its rollout to make sure everyone knows what it’s for. And most important, what it’s capable of if you really know what you’re doing. After all, lots of software can be really powerful if only it were properly used. Fortunately a great explainer video will do the job nicely. It will be short and shareable and obviously will keep the audience hooked. And one of the best ways of specifically doing that is by adding in some great software demo music.



Music does double duty


The purpose of software demo music is basically twofold. Firstly it serves just to capture and keep customer attention. For that, you might automatically think you always need something big and bombastic, but not necessarily. Surprisingly sometimes just a sweet little jingle is enough to get an audience tuned in.

Secondly, software demo music is an opportunity to cement your branding. If you view a software walkthrough as a type of image film, then the music as a brand element makes sense. In essence it’s a chance to show what your product does (your business) and why you think it’s important  for your client (your values). So the tracks you put in the background should reflect your brand image, too. Heavy thumping bass for care home management, for example, is probably not a great match.

Leave them feeling good


Construction project management tool ArchDesk has a particularly outstanding software walkthrough video. This short video uses animation to explain how the product basically integrates lots of back office functions to make a construction business run more smoothly. In similar fashion to many software demos, this video starts with an illustration of all the problems faced by managers in this business sector. Notice also that during this part of the demo ArchDesk doesn’t use any background music.

But as soon as the ArchDesk solution is introduced, some upbeat software demo music kicks in. It’s certainly a smart way to reconfigure the viewer’s mood in conjunction with the appearance of the product. The soundscape is busy and positive, and by the time the video ends, the cartoon business is back on track. It’s a good sound match.

Software Demo Music you can choose from:

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Paul Werner – Solid
Veaceslav Draganov – Inspiration Uplifting Corporate
Aurealistic – Banda Verde
Steve Poloni – Dihedral
Cromo – A Promise Is Arising (incl Second Version)
Dorothea Tachler – Eazy Breezy
Floere – Life Lesson
Intro – You Will Succeed

One of the best ways of course of reaching out to new users is through social media. A clever video, some great software demo music, and you’ll have their attention in no time. Tying together the usability message and the brand image through the sound is without a doubt a great way of cementing your position in people’s lives. Whether that’s as a no-nonsense business solution or as a household organisation assistant, music will sell your concept. So have a browse, check out some Yummy Sounds tracks, and start thinking about what you sound like!

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