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A long journey to the top. Thank you to all our customers for sticking with us the whole way!




My name is Thilo Konstanzer. I am the CEO and Founder of Yummy Sounds. Music is my story, my love, and my passion, and Yummy Sounds is the result of more than 20 years of experience and dedication to my craft. Let me share my journey from the very beginning to the here and now!


First Contact

In 1991, I was just 8 years old, and my parents were always catching me using our pots and pans as a kitchen floor drum kit. I was completely addicted to building sounds. But when the cutlery and kitchenware started to wear out under my enthusiastic drumming, my parents bought me a children’s drumset, telling me, “This is cheaper than replacing all the kitchenware.” 🙂


Piano Lessons

In 1997 my sister started piano lessons, so I decided to expand my skillset and took lessons, too. From classic to jazz, I tried almost every possible genre. But film music really stole my heart.


Advanced Technology

In 1999, along with a friend Tobias, I started to compose on my home computer. I was 16 years old, and was interested mostly in designing electronic melodic soundscapes and trance beats. The same year, I met my high school sweetheart, who is now my wife, and we will be welcoming our first yummy-baby-star in November 2017!


My First Album


In 2001 I had completed an album of my own, and I handed out demo CDs around the music industry. Feedback was positive, but trance was phasing out. Hip hop was the big market in the German music industry at the time. But I persevered with the music styles that I loved creating, and I continued to craft new electronic tracks.


Hold Music


In 2004 I took a break from working as a musician to focus on training as an electronic engineer. I worked in the medical device industry, and composing had to take a back seat for a little while.


Amazing Adventure


In 2010, my wife and I quit our jobs and headed to Australia for a while. It was incredible! It was hard to leave behind friends and family, but we were ready for a change.

We intended to stay for a year, but in the end, we spent more than 2 and a half years travelling throughout Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, Africa and more.

We have seen how beautiful the world can be, and we found ourselves in a way that we can’t even put into words. It was an unforgettable experience, full of adventure and inspiration.

With my creativity refreshed from our travels, I was super excited to bring all of that emotion and enchantment from our adventures back into the studio.


Back in Business


Back in Germany, I put all those new ideas to work, and I developed my first music platform, free-intro-music.com. I presented all my musical compositions to the public and started composing new music with the hope of turning this into a full time career. It quickly became clear that my website was more than a good way to get my name out there — it was the best way to license my music directly.

Opening the Doors


In February 2016 we went live with the free-intro-music.com webstore. For the next year we constantly improved our user interface, developed our own player and expanded the team to include Gintare as our new analytics and UX specialist.

In December 2016, Paul Werner from Hamburg Germany was the first music designer in the team, and we have been working closely ever since to develop the business from the artist’s perspective.

We are now growing fast and have established a wonderful customer base from all over the world. We are so pleased to be able to offer high quality products and a well developed user interface.




Yummy Sounds


2017 brought a new challenge: to launch a rebrand that really shows the company’s personality. When I hear great music, I always say, “This sounds yummy,” a catch phrase my friends have come to associate with me. So Yummy Sounds was the obvious choice!

On the first of September 2017 Yummy Sounds went live, a dream come true! Now I am so happy to welcome all our old and new customers to become a member of Team Yummy! 🙂