Talk show format has evolved and so has talk show intro music!

-Talk Show Intro Music-

Talk Show Intro Music

Talk show intro music rounds out a well-rounded genre!


Hear the phrase “talk show” and if you’re of a certain age, you probably immediately think of Oprah. But the format has evolved since genre’s undisputed queen went off air. Once upon a time, celebrity gossip, political gab, and real-life tear-jerkers were the provenance of daytime tv. Nowadays, however, you’re just as likely to get your fix on the “late-nite” comedy circuit or a podcast. And talk show intro music has certainly changed along with the format. Long gone are the saxophone-heavy easy listening opening themes that came to define the talk show music genre in the golden days of the daytime show. Now in fact you can be as diverse as you want to be.

Talk Show Intro Music

What is it you’re talking about?


One of the best ways of choosing talk show intro music is still to consider the overarching vibe of the show. Of course that’s not always easy. Some shows, such as The Daily Show, straddle a couple of formats. Originally it was undeniably a late night comedy show, and its theme music reflected its lighthearted idea. When it became clear that it was more politically insightful than just a laugh, it was only natural that with a new host should come a new take on the intro music.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah uses a remix of the original theme, “Dog on Fire,” which samples the original, but uses chords in a way that pays homage to nightly news programs, too. In the music, you can hear that this show knows that it’s both comedy and news in one talk show.

Who’s doing the talking?


Talk shows and talk show intro music, however, can focus on other aspects of their “personality” besides the content subject. For instance, after-shows, which are companion programming to main event content, use the talk show format to dish about whatever has just been on television. Consequently, they often use music that’s similar to the main show’s theme. Beyond Stranger Things for instance, uses an uptempo synthpop take on the Stranger Things opener.

On the other hand, podcast talk shows are carried by the charisma of sound. since there’s no visual, a good intro is important. For solid socio-political podcasts such as All My Relations and Here to Slay, the music is modern and distinct, like the commentary, but it doesn’t distract from the main content. You’re here for the talk, not the tunes.

Talk Show Intro Music you can choose from:

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Intro – Walk Of A Cool Guy
Cromo – Energetic Mood
Floere – Massive
Intro – Deep Pockets
Tomas Novoa – Uplifting Natural Power
Intro – Fresh N Hot
Veaceslav Draganov – Indie Rock
Intro – Money Is A Weapon

In any case, choosing talk show intro music needn’t be a complicated or difficult process. As a matter of fact, Yummy Sounds has a great collection of broadcast-ready intros that cover all genres, from futuristic to corporate. So start listening and find something to draw in your audience for a bit of chat!

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