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Music for Advertising Videos

Music is a powerful tool for creating mood in advertising


Picking the right music for advertising videos can feel like navigating a minefield. It’s crucial to get it right, to match the brand and the message. And yet, the music is rarely the focus. After all, advertising videos are visual in nature; the clue is in the name. In fact, lots of people don’t even notice the music most of the time. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t working its magic. On the contrary, quite a lot of advertising relies on subtle messages and mood enhancement. And music is undoubtedly a powerful tool for crafting brand image in advertising.


You don’t need lyrics to tell a story


We seem to know intuitively that emotional impact determines the success of an ad. In other words, how the viewer feels about the ad affects their unconscious desire to act in response to it. Whether they are moved to donate to a charity or excited to buy a new piece of furniture. Positive emotions in particular are a key focus for many advertisers. Positive emotions mean not only happiness, but also good humor, confidence, and triumph, to name a few. And good old science confirms that music is a very powerful tool for influencing mood.

But lyrics or no lyrics? Well-known or obscure? It’s entirely dependent on the product, the marketing team—and the budget, of course. For an absolutely classic use of instrumental music for advertising videos, check out this racy Levi’s ad from the 90s. Everything about it goes with the Levi’s brand. Visually, it’s an Ansel Adams photo come to life, pure Americana. It starts with an upright operatic sound, and goes straight into sexy guitar riffs to match the mood change. It’s pretty amazing.

But sometimes lyrics tell all


On the other hand, music for advertising videos with sung lyrics can work very well. It can be surprisingly on message if chosen carefully. For example, consider a recent ad from Lloyds bank. Their choice of music for advertising is undeniably inspired. They’ve taken Olive’s 90’s dance hit You’re Not Alone and turned it into a power ballad of reassurance. As a bank in today’s economy, their trustworthiness and reliability are their main selling points. They use the music to convey those attributes specifically, to make you, the customer, feel supported.

The appearance of the black horse, their corporate logo, as soon as the music swells dramatically, is downright moving. The appearance of the horses without the music isn’t especially reassuring. They’re beautiful, yes, but what do they have to do with banking? But the addition of the music—both its lyrics and the dramatic orchestral swell—transforms it. It very clearly, and slightly strangely, says, “The black horses are here. Therefore all is well.” Although it’s not logical at all, it somehow gets us right in the feels.

Music for Advertising Videos you can choose from:

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Paul Werner – Go Touring
Steve Poloni – Sin City
Intro – Albania
Intro – Newborn Baby
Veaceslav Draganov – Upbeat
Cromo – Vintage Darling
Mike Dicillo – Tween Wallpaper
Dorothea Tachler – First Date To The Movies

So there’s a lot to think about when it comes to choosing music for advertising videos. But the mood is the skeleton key to this puzzle. Keeping mood at the forefront of your decision-making will unlock the door to memorable campaigns. With this in mind, Yummy Sounds has made mood a searchable filter for our library. It makes it easy to find the kinds of tracks you want. And, of course, you can count on the quality of our hand-picked tunes. So have a browse and find some inspiration!

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