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Advertising a tourist destination these days without a doubt means making a great tourism video. Whether it’s a sandy stretch of coastline or a bumping city scene, a short film sells it as an experience instead of just a place. After all, people are travelling in order to do something, not just to look at something. And of course, a fabulous video needs some excellent tourism video music to match its vibe and verve. But slapping any old techno track on there won’t do, regardless of how beautiful the footage. Choosing the tunes carefully, however, will turn it into an irresistible masterpiece of marketing.



Where are we going with this?

For an absolute masterclass on great use of tourism video music, check out this sample from Odisha Tourism. This video, at five minutes long, is essentially a longform video article. And Odisha is a huge region. With this in mind, it makes sense that they would make a longer ad than one being made for a single city or resort. Just as with a written article, not everyone will stick around for the whole thing. But this video is visually rich, never boring, and it uses footage and music in sync to draw you in. Basically once you start watching, you want to keeping watching.

With the tagline “Scenic. Serene. Sublime.” Odisha is certainly marketing itself as a relaxation destination. The smooth camerawork and use of drone footage keeps everything feeling calm. But the music is dynamic. In other words you can come here to chill out. But you’ll never feel bored. It’s tranquil and energetic at the same time.

Accessorize the visuals with sound

This Scandinavian Airlines video, on the other hand, highlights Berlin nightlife. This is a much smaller subject to cover. Consequently the video is much shorter. Additionally, the pace of the party scene in Berlin is fast, to say the least, so the footage is, too. The camerawork here is handheld, giving the video a brisk, bouncy feel. And the tourism video music matches that vibe. It’s full of pep and club energy. But it’s never overwhelming. The focus is undeniably on what lifestyle guide and narrator Henrik Tidefjärd is doing and saying. He covers where to go, who to see, what to eat and drink in less than two minutes.

So peaceful and laid-back doesn’t necessarily mean using a lethargic soundtrack. In a simialar fashion, hotly bustling city life doesn’t have to have frenetic background music. Energy should be restorative when it comes to vacation. And choosing good quality tourism video music means translating that feeling into sound.

Tourism Video Music you can choose from:

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Cromo – The Wind Is In The Lounge
Intro – Silver Streams
Cromo – My Tropical House
Steve Poloni – Epic Travel
Paul Werner – City Of Tomorrow I
Mike Dicillo – Access Emotional Sector
Intro – Maxwest
Dorothea Tachler – Los Angeles Morning

Here at Yummy Sounds, we listen carefully to every single track before deciding whether it belongs in our library. This dedication to quality, coupled with a diverse group of composers, means you’ll find loads of great tourism video music here. That perfect partnership of video and music is what makes us love what we do! So come in and have a browse. We can help make your destination the place to be!

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