Access unlimited royalty free music for less than $17 a year!

unlimited royalty free music

Soundtrack every project with our UNLIMITED subscription!

Not to toot our own horn too much, but we’ve got a pretty awesome library of music here at Yummy Sounds. It’s growing all the time as we partner with new, cutting-edge producers and composers. And our talent pool keeps creating and sharing their latest stuff. We couldn’t be more proud of the team! Maybe you’ve downloaded some of our material already. But we want to make sure you’re always get the best deal for your needs.

So if you haven’t been to our subscription and licensing page yet, we invite you to check it out, stat! Because if you’re in need of multiple tracks, you really need to see our UNLIMITED subscription. True to its name, it gives you unlimited royalty free music for less than $17 a month. To clarify, that means you can download any of our tracks, as many of our tracks as you want, all year long, and you only pay $199 in total. And once you’ve licensed it, it’s yours to use whenever, forever.

unlimited royalty free music

We’ve got what you’re looking for!

If you’re new to Yummy Sounds, let us walk you through exactly what we offer in terms of tunes. Maybe you’re a videographer or social media manager, a viral vlogger or an advertising producer. You’re looking for fresh new sounds for all your projects, right? Of course you are. On our Intros & Jingles page, you can search by emotional mood or musical style if you have something specific in mind.

If you’re not exactly sure what would best suit your footage, consider the video theme filter. Here the tracks are specially curated and organized based on how they work in the most common types of video projects. Whether you’re putting together a wedding video or a video game trailer, you’ll find tons of inspiration. And all of it, every single last second of sound can be used by you for less than $17 a month. Yes! Unlimited royalty free music!

Get an unbelievably good deal!

With our commitment to making navigating Yummy Sounds a cinch, we have, not surprisingly, made this license as simple as possible. In fact, it couldn’t be easier to access what is unquestionably an outrageously good deal. Visit our license page, click on Unlimited Music, and pay for your year of tunes. As soon as you’ve subscribed, you’ve got access to awesome, hand-picked, unlimited royalty free music for the entire YEAR. Think about how many projects you could cover by signing up for this subscription!

But if you’re still not convinced, let us put it into perspective for you. Our individual tracks are all available on a flat rate license of $39—not too shabby. But if you buy more than just 5 tracks over the course of the entire year, you’ll already have priced yourself out of our unlimited subscription. Why limit yourself to 5 tracks, when you could have as many as you want?

Unlimited Royalty Free Music to choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Intro – First Love
Intro – Crystal Ball Logo
Floere – Leichtigkeit ( +1 extra ver. )
Intro – Trusting You
Intro – Doomsday
Mike Dicillo – Welcome Home
Intro – Summer Freedom II
Steve Poloni – Covius

Not quite ready to commit to full year of unlimited royalty free music? Don’t worry. You can still download all of the tracks in the Yummy Sounds library individually. And you still get all the same benefits as you do when you buy in bulk. That means each track is always royalty free and can be used in all of your projects. Whenever. Forever. That’s the Yummy Sounds promise.

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