Unlimited Stock Music for less than $17 a month!

Unlimited Stock Music yummy sounds

The best value license subscription, just for you


Guys. Have you looked at our license and subscription page lately? In fact, have you ever looked at it, or have you just been browsing our—frankly fantastic—catalog of sweet tracks? We’re looking at you especially, videographers, social media managers, vloggers, and advertising producers! We know you’re always after new tunes to layer onto your videos for your clients. It’s basically a job in itself. And great quality music doesn’t come cheap. But we’ve got a subscription that lets you have unlimited, yes, UNLIMITED stock music for less than $17 a month. To clarify, that means you can download any of our tracks, as many of our tracks as you want, all year long, and you only pay $199 in total.

Unlimited Stock Music yummy sounds

Get going and start downloading!

With our commitment to making Yummy Sounds a cinch to use, we have, not surprisingly, made this license as simple as possible. In fact, it couldn’t be easier to access what is unquestionably an outrageously good deal. VIsit our license page, click on Unlimited Music, and pay for your year of tunes. As soon as you’ve subscribed, you’ve got access to awesome, hand-picked, unlimited stock music for the entire YEAR. Think about how many projects you could cover by signing up for this subscription! There’s so much on offer that, on balance, it would be silly not to, really.

So much music to choose from!

And you won’t exhaust the options any time soon. With more than a thousand tracks already available and new music getting added everyday, you’ll definitely find something fresh every time you visit Yummy Sounds. Even more excitingly, we’re bringing new artists on board all the time. Consequently new styles and mixing methods are always getting added, keeping us young and the music hot! All of it, every single last second of sound can be used by you for less than $17 a month. And once you’ve licensed it, it’s yours to use whenever, forever.

Unlimited Stock Music you can choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Intro – Australia
Paul Werner – City Of Tomorrow I
Dorothea Tachler – Breaking The Spell
Victor Penkovskyi – Upbeat Fun
Intro – Rock’n Rolla
Intro – Summervibechill
Cromo – Future Disco
Intro – Witch in Town Trailer

Not quite ready to commit to unlimited stock music for a full year? Don’t worry. You can still download all of the tracks in the Yummy Sounds library individually. And you still get all the same benefits as you do when you buy in bulk. That means each track is always royalty-free and can be used in all of your projects. Whenever. Forever. That’s the Yummy Sounds promise.

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