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Victory Music & Winner Jingles


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Victory Music for your Events, Games, and Videos

Are you designing a video game or hosting a running competition in your home city or you are looking for some victory music you can play during a victory ceremony?  We provide the music you will need!

Victory Ceremony, Jingle or Victory Music Sound effects.

We asked people what kind of jingles they are into and what is missing on Intro & Jingle Music.

Many people were saying that they need some kind of winner jingles or winner anthems for different kinds of victory ceremonies such as sports events, online games, game shows, and many more occasions.



  • Intro – Kings Turn III
    14 K
  • Intro – Triumphant
    8.5 K

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  • Intro – Victory Fanfare I
    7.6 K

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  • Intro – Victory Fanfare III
    14 K

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  • Intro – Film Production Company Logo
    12 K


Pay once, use forever!

Our Licenses are valid for a lifetime and have no time limit.

100% Royalty Free

All our music is royalty free and safe to use everywhere.

Unlimited Projects

Once you purchase a Licence you can use the music in all your projects.


Most Customer-Friendly Licensing Plans

Creating Some New Winner Jingles

We instantly started designing and creating sound effects. First, we had super Mario cart in mind and we listened to this jingle a few times to understand the feel and the drive we need to come up with. We focused the process and created a whole bunch of different jingles and victory fanfare sound effects. But that was not enough and we thought about creating more different winner sound effects to make sure we meet the modern style of game shows and online games as well.

We started to experiment with other, different, instruments and created a lot of different moods and styles to make sure everyone will find the perfect victory jingle sound for all purposes and events.


We deliver secure and high quality Victory Music for your purpose!

The perfect goal for a Winner Jingle is to captivate your audience and transport the ultimate feeling with the images you deliver.

For example, if you have a local sports event with people running a marathon, you need a royalty free winner jingle to make sure you are not violating any copyrights. Also, during the presentation ceremony, you would want people to be able to film the ceremony and later upload the video on YouTube without the risk of being banned due to copyright violations. This is free advertisement for your event and the point where you have to make sure it is royalty free and you can present a proper license like those we provide for all of our products.

A Victory fanfare sounds always heroic and epic

One of the most desired and most amazing jingles for victory ceremonies is the “Epic Fanfare Sound”.

If you imagine it, you might think of the “Twenty Century Fox” fanfare or maybe the “universal pictures” fanfare intro sound, but the major problem is that you are not allowed to use them in any of your creative results. It is really tricky to get a license to use them; and they are unbelievable expensive, usually thousands of dollars.

Note: Always be careful when using audio items. Do not use audio items you do not hold an official and proper license, to make sure you are on the bright side of the copyright guidelines.

A Game Show jingle when someone is winning

If you host a game show on TV, Radio Broadcast, or any other medium, you might look for a suitable Jingle when someone is winning a game.

So you need a Victory Music jingle but you are probably not sure where to find one. We have around 50 different winner jingles in our database to choose from. All of them are customizable; just let us know what changes you are looking for, we are happy to help you and to create exactly the jingle you expect to use.

Tip: We can design a brand new jingle exclusively for you if you need something unique!

The Winner Sound effect

A Winner Sound does not have to be a full music track. It can also be just a small bunch of sound effects or even just one sound effect standing alone. It is pretty much up to you and the scope of your application. Personally, I think for sounds and music items used in your production you should always have the feeling that there is no better choice as the one music piece you are currently using.

Fail sound effect or Fail Jingle

The opposite of a Winner Jingle or Victory Music piece is for sure a fail sound. Defiantly not for every purpose, but in some cases, you also need a jingle you can play if someone loses a game, a competition. While producing the winning sound effects, we realized the fact that we should also add some fail sounds to provide both and make sure you can find the opposite of winning in our database as well. If there are still missing items you might think of or you are looking for, please let us know so that we can provide everything you need on Intro & Jingle Music in the future.

Love it!
Keep up the great work with yummy sounds, can’t wait to listen to all music future holds. Also amazing support by Jasmin, about my questions on the licensing.

Kelvin B.

CEO - Creative Tubbi Media, USA

When I found Yummy Sounds, it was long before I found exactly what I was searching for. I should have started with this website. I won't be going elsewhere from now on. Fantastic selection of music.

Yanna T.

Creative Video Artist, GB