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Video Background Music

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You’ve shot some great footage, and now it’s time to edit it into a fantastic, finished video. But it’s not quite done until you’ve chosen a soundtrack. You need some awesome video background music to bring it all together! A quick internet search will tell you that there are basically thousands upon thousands of soundtrack options out there. So how can you possibly decide? Here’s a quick guide to picking great video background music for just about any type of project!


Building social media engagement

Obviously video background music depends a lot on what type of video you’re creating. If you’re in the game to become a YouTube influencer, then lots and lots of short, but niche content if the usual strategy. And that usually means lots of different music, as well. Compilation videos generally get attention-grabbing, fast-paced tracks. Whereas beauty tutorials might vary a lot depending on the style of the presenter. Sophisticated or playful can also depend on the editing style. Fast-forward style, as in the BuzzFeed Tasty videos, usually gets a lively melody with a fast tempo. But other cooking videos, such as a detailed cookie decorating tutorial, might get gentler, quieter music to help the viewer concentrate on narration.  

Projecting your client’s personality

On the other hand, video background music for corporate projects or other private clients will probably sound quite different. That’s because they need to reflect your client’s values and personality—not yours! An image film, for example, for a laid-back organic coffee roaster will probably have a chilled-out soundtrack. Conversely, a pharmaceutical lab with a corporate atmosphere is going to prefer engaging, but no-nonsense music for their onboarding videos. And if you’re a wedding videographer, then the vibe of the wedding will dictate your client’s finished video. Deeply romantic? Then it’s classical all the way. A bit quirky and laid-back? Then get a little (or a lot!) rock ‘n’ roll. Keep the customer in mind!

Video Background Music you can choose from:

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Dorothea Tachler – La-Di-Da
Intro – Tokio
Intro – In The Circus
Veaceslav Draganov – Ukulele Positive
Floere – Fun In The Sun
Intro – Bells Power Logo
Cromo – Merry Horns
Mike Dicillo – Cafe Lonely

So that’s it in a nutshell. Of course there are tons more types of soundtracks, from games to television to podcasts, and more. But one rule holds true for everything: pick video background music that matches the mood you want to bring out. Surely a piece of cake, right? Yummy Sounds makes it as easy as it sounds with our mood search. And, of course, you can count on top quality and great value from our library. So have a browse and find some inspiration!

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