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Music makes a fantasy world go round


Every gamer, whether serious or occasional player, agrees: great video game soundtrack music makes the experience. Being able to feel fully immersed in the gameplay is what a top quality game is all about. And the first thing to remember when crafting this experience is that music and mood just go together. For games developers, creating gorgeous worlds and interesting stories usually gets all the glory. But giving your game an epic soundscape is really what’s going to bring it all to life!



Tunes for every game genre

Casual games are often fairly straightforward in storyline and lighthearted gameplay. They tend to rely on puzzles to gain rewards, which further the story. Classics like Farmville and its spinoffs use jaunty, optimistic melodies to match the levity of the storyline. They usually feature electronic effects for flute, squeezebox, oboe, and whistles. The simplicity of these casual game means that they don’t need much in terms of variety of tracks. Just a few will do to cover all the possible moods, maybe even just one.

For games with darker themes (shooters and dark storyline casual games) correspondingly moody—but still uncomplicated—video game soundtrack music can be swapped in. For example, some hard rock and roll or heavy metal. In contrast, a fantasy adventure game almost always uses classical, orchestral, or folk style. Occasionally they throw in some rock, as well. What’s most important is that the music matches the temperament of the game scene.

Landscapes need soundscapes

For more complex storylines, or for open world style games where the player wanders into lots of different environments, multiple tracks are a must. Probably the most famous game universe is in the Zelda franchise. Every location, even every character’s home or shop, has its own tune. That’s apart from the main theme of each game. The less time the game stays in a location, the simpler the music. But it always matches the environment. Areas of desert have a kind of wild west theme, while mysterious forests have mystical music. Shady characters have swashbuckling soundclouds, and skills trainers have a kind of eastern zen vibe. Music equals mood.

Then there’s the fact that different modes may need different sounds, too. When you’re fighting—and beating—a boss, you want to feel motivated and triumphant. If you lose—oh man, not again!—then the music needs to convey that. Either with sympathy or not!

Video Game Soundtrack Music to choose from:

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Intro – Rising Sky
Mike Dicillo – Eros
Tianguang Yang – Return To The East
Lino Rise – Beyond Recovery
Paul Werner – Treasure Hunt
Intro – Angel Whisper
Intro – Action Drive
Intro – Odin

Depending on your game’s expanse, picking individual tracks for every encounter might feel daunting. In that case, grouping locations or characters by type, and then choosing video game soundtrack music for each type is a cost and time effective solution. Certainly choosing royalty free tracks—even custom composed ones—is a very budget friendly way to get great sounds into your game.

Yummy Sounds offers a huge range of genres to cover all types of games themes. And we have a fantastic value Unlimited subscription that gives you total access to our whole library for one year. That means you can download as many tracks as you need without paying additional fees. So check out our mood search and start soundtracking!


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