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Music for Workout Videos yummy sounds

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A personal training session is absolutely top self-care. It’s an indulgence that is straight up good for you, physically and mentally. It’s hurts so bad and feels so good. If you’re a personal trainer or fitness guru, you know your services are in demand. And you probably also know that, while there’s nothing like an in-person consultation, you can make some extra bank selling your tips online. And while high-cut leotards and giant hair may not be de rigueur anymore, a fitness video on your social media is still a fantastic and effective way to extend your business reach. With a few quality production ideas and some excellent workout video music, you’ll soon have a whole virtual following!

Music for Workout Videos yummy sounds

Muscle in online to build a following

The NFPT has some handy tips on the dos and don’ts of making your own fitness video. And while it’s a very useful inventory, may we draw your attention to number 4 in the Don’ts list: “Don’t use copyrighted music. YouTube and Vimeo will take the video down if they find out.” What that mostly means is don’t use music you haven’t licensed.

Of course, licensing Top 40 tunes and other pop music is likely to be a pricey enterprise. But you can still craft a killer playlist on a budget by using stock music and royalty-free licenses. In fact, once you find the awesome workout video music that fits your vibe, you might be able to snag a track or two on sale or get a license that lets you use the music over and over again.

Music takes you from strength to strength

But what kind of music works best for fitness clips anyway? That, of course, depends entirely on what kind of exercise is on the docket. We’ve already covered how to choose the perfect music for yoga – serene, tranquil, and calming. But if you’re doing a high-intensity kettlebell session or giving instruction on blasting battle ropes, you want energetic music to help your students feel motivated. And without a doubt, an old-school aerobic routine benefits from some dynamic tunes to set the pace. These types of tracks, however, may be intimidating depending on your viewership. After all, not everyone is out to crush it! Fitness for kids or gentle workouts for seniors would benefit from friendlier, more easy-going workout video music. You unquestionably know your audience best; keep them in mind when choosing a soundtrack!

Workout Video Music you can choose from:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Lino Rise – Summerlight
Victor Penkovskyi – Journey Together
Cromo – I’m Gonna Miss You Baby
Intro – Transformation
Intro – Do It
Intro – Neon Avenue
Intro – Greetings ( + Second Version )
Cromo – Shine With Me

Yummy Sounds has a full range of music styles, from electrifying to inspirational, to keep your fitness clips sounding fresh. And because our tracks are royalty-free, you only pay for them once. But you can use them as many times as you like. For a trainer branching out into online territory, it’s a great way to soundtrack your moves without breaking the bank. So have a browse and find some awesome workout video music to get your followers on their feet!


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