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Music helps present new perspectives


There’s a whole wide world of professional workshops out there, of course. Academic conference workshops are going to look a lot different from corporate strategy workshops, for instance. And both are a different world from creative development workshops. But one thing they all have in common is that workshop attendees should come out with new tools for how to do their job better. Whether that means they’ve acquired important skills or a new perspective on an old topic or a market vision for their business. In other words, they should leave with a sense of confidence and capability. Well chosen workshop presentation music can help foster the emotional intelligence goals of the event.


Music directs workshop energy


If you’re a workshop facilitator who hasn’t ever used music before, the idea may feel outside your comfort zone. After all, a huge part of running a workshop is talking and fostering discussion. Won’t workshop presentation music interfere with that? Not if it’s implemented appropriately and strategically.

As a matter of fact, music can help refocus the group energy after breaks, or when they start to stray off topic. It can enhance concentration during tasks. And there’s no better way to share a an important piece of work at the end of a multi-day event than with an inspirational tune, for example. But the key is in choosing the right style of music and incorporating it organically into the workshop. Not just sticking it in there for the sake of it.

Match the music to your style


Firstly, consider your presentation style. Are you a bombastic, big personality? Or are you more of a gentle encourager? Workshop presentation music ought to match the overall energy of the event. So for a buzzing event, consider something with a brash and bold beat. If it’s a calmer, more relaxed atmosphere, then a selection of ambient music might work best.

Secondly, think about where and when you want to insert the music. For a bigger event, intro music might be nice as your first slides pop up and panel members are introduced. If there’s a slideshow or short film, then some background workshop presentation music is definitely in order. And consider putting on some quieter tracks during activities to aid attention and also to provide a feeling of privacy for group discussion.

Workshop Presentation Music you can choose from:

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Intro – Crystal Logo ( + Short Version )
Intro – Hummingbird
Intro – Funky House I
Intro – Invisible Exploration
Intro – Feeling Good Logo
Intro – Prana I
Intro – Amazing Happiness
Mike Dicillo – Basileus

Workshop presentation music is multi-functional. And for you, the facilitator, it can certainly help make your job easier. With this in mind, have a look around and listen to some tracks in the Yummy Sound library. Think about how sound might fit into and assist your discussion. Some nice tunes can even help break the ice and get people to connect. And if you need any help at all choosing, feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy to help!

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