Trends in music for 2019 that Yummy Sounds can’t wait to hear!

-Trends in Music for 2019-

Trends in Music for 2019

Technology, innovation, and collaboration in 2019!


What a year 2018 has been for music technology. Even at the very start of the year, digital music had already been successfully muscling its way into the room. And now digital is without a doubt center stage, the number one way we listen to and enjoy music in our lives. But it’s not just about entertainment. For those of us in jobs that make use of music—marketing, film, gaming, vlogging—digital is the only practical way to work. So we’re not exactly surprised to see how digital technology has taken over the consumer market as well.

The music business, however, has a habit of pushing boundaries and endlessly innovating. And the Yummy Sounds composers are no different. We certainly have lots of ideas for our own new music and projects. But we also have some feelings in our blood about trends in music for 2019 and how it’s going to be used. So DJ, spin it!


Challenge conventional paths to success

In the first place, as composers ourselves, something Yummy Sounds have absolutely lived for in recent years is the democratization of music production. The ability to make your own music is more accessible than ever. And in fact it’s becoming more and more the case all the time. From mobile apps to social media sharing, musical talent is emerging from every corner of the globe. And. We. Love. It. Just a few years ago, if you couldn’t get a demo tape in front of a big name producer, you didn’t have a hope of making a career in music. Now you can reach millions of people from your bedroom. It’s the most amazing transformation.

And one of the trends in music for 2019 we anticipate is homegrown musicians and composers breaking international barriers more frequently. We want to see Senegalese protest rap making the Australian airwaves. We want Venezuelan boy bands going mainstream in Hong Kong clubs. Everyone get on the floor and dance!

Producers are people, too

Secondly, we expect to see more music producers getting their names splashed across albums in 2019. As a matter of fact, manipulating sounds in the studio is an artform in its own right. But it’s only really in the hip hop world where producers and DJs have gotten name recognition. In recent years that’s started to change in other genres. But the path was paved by hip hop pioneers who put made their producers part of the musical act, not just background. Now The Chainsmokers, Lion Babe, and others have put production at the heart of the album. Yummy Sounds can’t help but adore this trend. After all, we promote producers from Europe to South America and everywhere in between.

In addition to this and similar trends for music in 2019, we’d love to see unknown talent getting opportunities to work on big projects. Collaboration is the petri dish of innovation. Technology can help make that happen.

On Trend Music for 2019 to choose from:

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Intro – Solution
Intro – That Is Fun
Intro – Focus
Intro – Impact Digital
Intro – Amaze Me
Intro – Soft
Intro – Clapping Hands
Intro – Sweet Vape

The winds of change are blowing

Lastly, as you know, we at Yummy Sounds are lovers, not fighters. We consider our members and composers to be family no matter where they’re from. As we enter 2019 we face some significant changes to our political and economic home, the EU. But it’s not just local to us that we see political divisions. Protest and unrest, chafe and change move people all over the world. Consequently we expect to see music used in more overtly political ways in 2019. It’s been used to protest government actions, violence, and war in moments of political crisis before, of course. Indeed, music has always been used as a way of communicating disagreement. But we hope that this year it will also be used to bring people together and to remind everyone that we are all one, if we can only work together.

So ring this year in with hope in your heart for a truly yummy 2019!

Happy New Year from Yummy Sounds!

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