9 Best Stock Music Sites!

best stock music

Our picks for the best stock music libraries!


When you’re soundtracking an awesome project, you want the best stock music. But finding what works for both your budget and your message can feel daunting. In truth, there’s tons of music out there. So where to start?

Firstly, the big shops are often run by major recording labels. Consequently their product usually comes with a big upfront price tag. That’s rough on a small concern desiring brand distinction. Fortunately there are independent libraries that licence music in undoubtedly less traditional ways for a new generation of content.

So without further ado, here are our top picks for the best stock music available:



PremiumBeat has a user-friendly interface that makes shopping for great stock music super easy. In short, they have a streamlined look and license offer. Licenses are priced $49-$199.

  • Hand Picked – PremiumBeat prides itself on providing musical tracks that have been carefully curated by their team!
  • Perpetual License – One license lets you use the track in unlimited web-based projects and one lets you use it on one non-web-based project. Both are good forever – never pay additional fees for the same track.



Audio Jungle

AudioJungle doesn’t only have a great library of stock music, but also a whole community of producers, composers and designers from around the world working together. To that end, membership gives access not only to their tracks but also to other people using them. Licenses cost from less than $10 to over $300.

  • Freebies – AudioJungle has a monthly selection of free stock music tracks and other production assets accessible with an active Envato account.
  • Forums – AudioJungle lets its users connect with each other and welcomes reviews of their site and products. It’s a unique networking opportunity for creatives.


best stock music

What else ya got?



SoundTaxi provides a collection of royalty free stock music as well as other tracks that are registered with some of the big name music libraries. Not to mention, they’ve got an impressive client list, and they specialize in brand synthesis. Licenses are priced $42-$1,020.

  • Known Artists – Browse their collection of music from performers and bands from around the world to add a cool edge to your production.
  • Preview Mp3 – Download preview versions of tracks you’re considering so you can share with other people on your team. Compare and discuss before you make a final purchase.




Every piece of music on Bensound is accompanied on the site by a little illustration to help give you a quick idea of the mood or setting of the music. As a result, you have a quick visual reference to make sure you’re getting the right feel for your creation. Licenses are priced $24-$720.

  • Subscription renewal – Once you’ve had a year of exploring Bensound with a full price subscription, you can renew your membership at a steep discount.
  • Most Popular – List your search results by the Most Popular to see what everyone else is loving in stock music right now!




Audioblocks provides a subscription service that rewards frequent customers with discounts on additional purchases. In other words, if you’ve got lots of little projects on the go, this site might save you some cash. Single user subscriptions are priced £79-$99.

  • Color – Audioblocks color-coordinates their different tracks so you can quickly see whether you’re listening to loops, sound effects or stock music. It makes shopping just that bit easier.
  • Tempo Filter – Choose your music by beat to quickly zoom in on the kind of vibe you want.

Lots more!



Quickly get a taste each track on this website by hovering your mouse over its thumbnail. Move on to the next one without clicking through. It makes shopping significantly easier. Memberships are priced $80-$805.

  • Trending Music – This section keeps you up to date on what’s popular with other shoppers. Some insight into the competition!
  • Blog – Pond5’s blog is a great resource for AV creatives with tips on crafting moods and evoking emotions.




NeoSounds licenses stock music on behalf of a number of composers and performers, and it’s all precisely organized. For example, choose music by instrumentation to instantly find exactly the sound you’re after. Or browse by mood to find something to evoke a particular feeling. Licenses are priced $34.95-$244.65.

  • Upgradeable Licenses – these give you flexibility if your usage needs change mid-project.
  • User Accounts – Create a user account to save your favorite tracks to your personal playlist and keep your selections organized with tags.



Royalty Free Music Library

This excellent library holds a wide variety of audio options, and not just music. They’ve additionally got a great selection of special sound effects, percussion tracks and other bits and bobs. In fact, they even offer some of them for free, as long as they are credited. Licenses are priced from $14.99 for individual tracks on sale to over $2500 for value packages of hundreds of tracks.

  • Sale Items – Choose this option from the sidebar menu to see what’s on discount at the moment. They’ve always got something on offer.
  • Value Packages – Get a sizeable starter kit in the genre of your choice that doesn’t cost the earth. 

Music for you from the Number 1 Stock Music Site:

100% Royalty Free | Safe to use Everywhere & Forever | #YummySounds

Cromo – Future Disco
Dorothea Tachler – Dancer
Intro – Sunrise MD
Armin Gutjahr – Avenger
Intro – Summer Freedom II
Intro – Ambient Reveal Logo
Intro – HeadBang
Intro – Happy Wishes

Drumroll please


Yummy Sounds

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise that we love our own little site the most! After all, Yummy Sounds offers exclusively royalty free music, free from tricks and safe to use online. The license is simple and easy to understand, and there is a ton of top quality music to browse. From quick and quirky intros to full length pop tracks, Yummy Sounds has a completely unique library. Licenses are available for individual tracks or in bulk with a membership.

  • Custom Music – work with in-house composer Thilo to craft the stock music or jingle to suit your project or branding. Having a one-of-a-kind sound will give your brand an edge.
  • Support – Get in touch by email, phone or Skype for support on using the site or to get clarification on a usage license. Yummy Sounds is on hand to ensure you get what you need from its library of the best stock music!

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