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At Yummy Sounds, our mission is straightforward: to create an environment where, after a few years with us, you’ll find yourself dedicating more time to what you love – creating music – and less on navigating the complexities of licensing opportunities.

Building a steady stream of passive income from music licensing isn’t an overnight fix; it’s a journey that typically spans 2-4 years, and we are dedicated to investing the time and effort required to achieve this long-term success. We are here to be your comprehensive partner, managing an extensive array of licensing channels beyond just our webshop. Our strategy is designed to secure a stable long term passive income for you, inclusive of PRO royalties.

  • Non-Exclusive Contracts: Our approach is artist-friendly. We offer non-exclusive contracts, meaning you retain the freedom to showcase your music on other non-exclusive platforms. This flexibility is at the heart of our commitment to empowering you.
  • Extensive Licensing: While we require only non-exclusive rights, the opportunities we provide surpass what many other platforms offer. Our network includes partnerships in SYNC licensing for TV and with global licensing companies, ensuring your music reaches the widest audience.
  • A Distributor for Licensing Opportunities: As a Yummy Sounds artist, you’re a valued partner. We aim for a close collaboration as your non-exclusive representative and sync agent. Our proactive approach involves showcasing your music in various high-profile pitches, integrating it into the music pools of TV editors, and placing it in unique licensing venues that are challenging to access.
  • Selective but Attentive: We receive a high volume of music submissions and value each one. While we may not be able to respond to everyone, rest assured that every piece of music is listened to with care. If your music aligns with our current needs, we will reach out to discuss the details and facilitate a swift onboarding process.

Ready to Amplify Your Licensing Income?

Here, your music isn’t just another track in the library—it’s a piece of art that deserves the best opportunities. Let’s work together to shape the future of music, where music talent is recognized, respected, and rewarded.