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Animation is a natural match for brand design


You may have noticed animation and content marketing taking a comparatively bigger share of your social media feed recently. In fact, many of 2019’s hottest graphic design trends find inspiration in animation. From bright color palettes and 3D gradients to hand-drawn illustrations, the influence is clear. These concepts undeniably get our attention. So it’s no surprise really that animation and marketing design have formed such a close relationship. And if you’re planning a filmed campaign, then animation is eye-catching and often budget friendly. Coupled with some cool background music for animation, you’ll definitely have a winning campaign.

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Fine tune your marketing content


To be sure, the use of video in marketing has grown a lot in general alongside social media. Indeed video as a prime communications tool for brand awareness is a major ongoing trend in marketing, and there’s no sign of it slowing down. But apart from the synergy buzz with graphic design and cost effectiveness, why go with animation? For one thing, versatility. Animation can basically go places live video can’t—at least not very easily. And animation can illustrate abstract, complicated, and sensitive concepts with clarity, as well. That’s important for product and service demos, as well as bonus content such as tutorials. And with great background music for animation you may start converting passive viewers into subscribers.

Soundtrack your art animations


Animation isn’t all about marketing, of course. It’s an art form, too. Some of the most beloved movies, from big studio films to art-house cinema, are animations. And their choice of background music for animation is without a doubt part of their success. Mischievous and mysterious Song of the Sea has a soundtrack full of heart and adventure, for example. Whereas the music for Chico & Rita is sultry, sexy, and transporting. In either case, they blend a series of tracks to follow the emotional journey of the story. For short indie films, student productions, and other non-marketing animations, a single music track may be enough to do the job. Mood, theme, even colour palette for instance, may play a role in your choice of music for an art animation.

Background Music for Animation to choose from:

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Intro – Moonstone
Steve Poloni – Sin City
Intro – Happy Wishes
Intro – Inspiring
Intro – Focus
Veaceslav Draganov – Inspiration Uplifting Corporate
Intro – Orchestra Logo
Mike Dicillo – Nautikon

Whether it’s short or long, for marketing, for school, or for the sake of art, your animation deserves a great soundtrack. Fortunately the Yummy Sounds library is super diverse, from dynamic corporate intros to fun electropop. So have a browse and a listen and get a feel for what background music for animation means for your project!

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