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Get a Catchy Advertising Jingle for Your YouTube Channel

Any type of business should not ignore the idea of creating a YouTube channel.  YouTube is the second largest search engine besides Google.  With YouTube it doesn’t matter if you are a small local company or a huge player in the industry; everyone has the potential to entice the interest of the members of the YouTube Community by creating a catchy advertising jingle.  Here are the key aspects of a great jingle in YouTube.


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  • Intro – Russia
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5 Key Aspects of a Catchy Advertising Jingle for Your YouTube Channel

1. Take Advantage of the Humor

Creating a YouTube Commercial is different from the traditional commercial.  You have to take advantage of the humor that can keep the viewers engage.  You need to make your humor current.  Remember that the things that are funny 20 years ago are no longer that funny today.  The advertising jingle should evoke a fun tone that viewers will just giggle and instruct them to finish the whole video.

2. You Should Tell a Story

Aside from the fact that it needs to be entertaining, the advertising jingle needs to tell a story that people can relate to.  When creating a commercial with a jingle, it might be beneficial to create a video that has a cliffhanger.  It will not only keep them entertained, but it will also instruct them to connect to your YouTube Channel and tune in for future updates.  It is like hitting two targets with one shot; you will be building up your presence and credibility online and improve the branding of your company.

3. You Should Send the Right Message

The story that you created should be able to send the right message of your product.  Unlike the traditional video that is solely focused in the purpose of the product, the advertising jingle should also present messages that relates to essential issues in order to entice the interest of the viewers.  You may reiterate the mission of your company or the civic responsibilities of your company to make the viewers emotionally attached.

4. Try to go Viral

No matter how catchy your advertising jingle is if you don’t know how to be viral, your advertising efforts will turn out to be futile.  It may be challenging to achieve this feat, but all business is exerting efforts to make their YouTube video viral.  Be diverse, spectacular, amazing and with the right amount of luck, your video will be viral.

5. Make it Interactive and Captivating

You may also want to consider having an advertising jingle that is interactive.  It is one of the most prevalent techniques used by advertising agencies. Some commercials in YouTube allowing their viewers to choose the action of the main character.  Remember that the longer they watch the advertisement, the more unforgettable the video will be.

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