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The Perfect Jingle Music for your Projects


Perfect Jingle Music for your Projects

Jingle Music – What´s this?

Intro and Jingle music is a Lino Rise Media Project. A Jingle is something every video, radio, TV broadcast studio and musician is at some point looking for. It is highly important to use an individual jingle in advertising, TV series or commercial to make sure people recognize your company, product or service from the very first second. They can be used in non-advertising contexts to establish or maintain a brand image for organizations or companies as well.



  • Intro – Warfare
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Jingle, Jingles or Intros

There is a difference between an Intro and a Jingle. A Jingle is a sound to create a strong recognition about a brand image. If your promotion and advertising is in a good shape customers actually don´t need to watch any pictures or videos. They will know only by listening to the sound design what brand this is about. It´s not about how simple or complex the design is, it is about the quality of the promotion output. It´s important to create a simple but highly intensive connection on the campaign or promotion project this sound design should stick to.

On the other hand an intro is something to put at the beginning of motion media such as YouTube clips, tutorials, show reels, blogs, exhibition videos and just anything you could possibly imagine. To create an intro for your videos and use it in the same time as jingle would definitely be the best case scenario.

Intros by Yummy Sounds

Lino Rise Media is the company behind the website www.yummy-sounds.com. On this page you will find a whole bunch of free intro and free jingle music for almost all purposes you can think of. This is the largest selection of free advertising and marketing songs in the world. By using the creative commons or the non-attribution license instead of buying expensive special creations is a huge advantage for independent filmmakers without a big financial background.

If you would like to use individual music design it might be good option to ask us for our personal, professional and confidential service. We can create a strong recognizable music design to fit in your project. Our creative team is developing and creating logos, jingles and animations for your purpose.

Intros by Yummy Sounds
Custom Jingle Production

Lino Rise Media Custom Jingle Production

Are you looking for a company to create the entire media for your campaign? These are the services we will provide:

  • Videos (editing only)
  • Images (Design & Shooting and editing)
  • Music Design
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Animations in 2D and 3D
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Jingle and Intro Design (Audio and Visuals)
  • and much more…

You are welcome to visit us

Just have a look around on our website www.yummy-sounds.com to explore what we offer and if you like our style.





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