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Music for Marketing Videos

Harness music to influence customer mood


Multimedia marketing is really the only way to go nowadays. Having a lovely print brochure or a magazine ad is grand, certainly. But without a social media presence or targeted online ads as well, you won’t get very far. Similarly, radio and television were once the golden geese of marketing. But with on-demand digital services, it’s very easy to skip the ads. So those campaigns are no longer sufficient. You need a marketing campaign that considers how your customers access your brand. And even small campaigns these days can produce video as part of their synergy without breaking the bank. In fact, video is absolutely integral to modern marketing. And you can totally DIY it with a bit of guidance. And Yummy Sounds is here to explain the importance of the right music for marketing videos!


Mood is the big seller!

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to consider your brand story. It may seem like this shouldn’t have much to do with music for marketing videos. But every aspect of marketing works together to create an overall image of your company. And if you consider your video soundtrack a throwaway, then it won’t work for you. Pick the right music, on the other hand, and it can have a major influence on how people feel about your brand. As a matter of fact, it has a direct effect on the viewer’s mood. And mood is a big driver—maybe the biggest—when it comes to consumer decision-making.

So what kind of mood do you want to convey for your brand? For the most part, brands want to convey positive moods. In other words, strive to make people to feel engaged in a positive way with the brand. But don’t confuse that with making people feel happy. Inspired, nostalgic, triumphant, excited, or amused are all positive emotions, as well. And music can convey all of those. Just look at the John Lewis Christmas campaign, for instance. Every year, they famously leverage deep emotions to get punters through the doors and spending money. It’s not happy, exactly. But it’s lovely.

Translate sound into brand story

So what works, specifically? Well, for example, a touch of poignant piano is always a winner if for family brands. It invokes tenderness, love, and—most important—trustworthiness. There’s something both gentle and stalwart about a piano melody. Other types of companies are going for more dynamism. And while that may mean energetic advertising music, it also needs to be present across all their videos. That includes image films and other embedded media. This is how advertising and marketing differ. Advertising can be thought of as a single moment in the drive for custom. Whereas marketing is a bigger package of our perception of the brand as a whole. Bringing the visual philosophy to the sound is what makes video marketing really stand out.

If ever there was a brand that had a clear visual philosophy, then it’s Calvin Klein. Known for clean and clear lines, stripped back color palettes, and minimalism, their music for marketing videos matches their aesthetic. Pick any of their videos, and the soundtrack is emphatically spare. One or two instruments, slow synth melodies—you get the idea. They all ooze laid-back cool, even though they differ a lot from ad to ad. Their videos are practically a master class in how to think about music as part of your brand story.

Music for Marketing Videos to choose from:

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Sneeky Creeky – Press The Lounge Button
Steve Poloni – The Fourth Of Fall
Intro – Wind Upon The Mountains
Mike Dicillo – Morning Joe
Veaceslav Draganov – A Happy
Lino Rise – Summerlight
Intro – Happy Ad
Intro – Release The Energy

You can see how great brands use sound to create and then reinforce their identity. We hear the music, then we feel emotions. We pretty quickly come to associate those emotions with the brand. And that in turn influences whether we want to buy from this brand or not. If it works, then the brand is a success and eventually builds a reputation for whatever feeling is invoked. Whether that’s reassurance, power, joy, or another positive feeling. Yummy Sounds has worked with some big names, but we are here for indies, start ups, and other small businesses, too. You don’t need a million dollar budget to get the benefit of great music for marketing videos. You just need to start listening!

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