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Music for Museum Exhibit Films

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Museum curation and exhibition has changed dramatically over the years. Long gone are the days of curious punters simply peering at unusual objects through glass. Observing a genius work of static sculpture or painting may still have appeal, but art isn’t created to sit in galleries. Artists create to draw emotion, to provoke thought, even to make a political statement. Likewise, archaeological finds weren’t crafted for the casual glance of a person from the future. Indeed, they once had practical uses in everyday life, obscure though those uses may seem now. But take those same artworks and objects and give them an explanatory video, and you can give them virtual context, which gives visitors a deeper understanding. And choosing ideal music for museum exhibit films can bring that critical context to life!


Music for Museum Exhibit Films

Great music to pique their interest!

There’s no single formula that makes a superb exhibition film. That’s simply because every exhibit, even within the same museum is going to be dramatically different from any others. How pieces have been chosen, how an object is made or was used, or an interview with an artist are all interesting additions to a gallery. Furthermore, embedding these films or excerpts from them on a museum website is a fantastic way to draw in a crowd. For example, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ current exhibit on Native American Art has a marvellous interview with Navajo weaver D.Y. Begay up on their website. It’s a fascinating insight into the personal meaning of the art to the artist. However, it is lacking engaging music for museum exhibit films. A quiet and atmospheric tune would unquestionably enhance the understanding of the emotional tie the artist has to this particular craft.

Curate the music as well as the art!

The American Natural History Museum in New York, on the other hand, has full buy-in on using inspiring music for museum exhibit films. Their embedded video for Unseen Oceans has a wonderfully adventurous feel to it as a result of a carefully chosen track. It feels as though they’ve given as much care to the curation of the music as they have to the exhibit itself. And that little bit of extra detail goes a long way. Then again, this particular video may be acting explicitly as an advertisement as opposed to an addition to the exhibit. All things considered, adding similarly mood-enhancing music to the show itself will go a long way toward drawing in visitors’ attention. And it will definitely increase their enjoyment of their time in that particular gallery. Don’t underestimate the ability of music to help people learn more!

Music for Museum Exhibit Films to choose from:

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Tianguang Yang – Lonely Dream
Paul Werner – Liberation
Intro – Eagle One
Mike Dicillo – Nautikon
Mike Dicillo – Our Story Begins
Intro – Last Summer Bell
Intro – Angel Whisper
Tianguang Yang – The Wujiang River

All in all, including multimedia shorts in museum exhibitions creates a wonderful learning opportunity for the attending public. Conveying that extra bit of historical context, cultural meaning, and personal attachment for a collection really brings it alive. And including some gentle music for museum exhibit films in the background will not only add a layer of beauty to the project, but also help the viewer absorb the full experience. And if you’re after something just as unique as your display, why not visit the Yummy Sounds Custom Sound Design page? Thilo will help you create just the right soundscape!

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