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Music is the secret ingredient to perfect ambience!


Ambience—it’s practically a magic word in restaurant management. It may feel intangible, the old je ne sais quois, but it needn’t be. Sure it takes practice, and a sense of style helps, but ambience isn’t as mysterious as it seems. In fact, ambience is often a matter of following a sort of formula. And one of the most important aspects of it is sound. How music and sound flow across a dining room massively influence how long customers stay, how much money they spend, and whether they’ll come again or recommend your place. Choosing pleasant, mood-enhancing music for restaurants is absolutely key.



Whetting the appetite

Choosing the right music for restaurants is one of the most important pieces of crafting a dining experience. Give your soundscape as much attention as you give your wine list. In other words, a lot. The mood set by the tunes will help create an atmosphere of pleasure. And that, as a result, will help customers feel expansive and generous. That is to say, they will spend more money! Romantic tracks in a lush dining room will have punters calling for champagne and decadent desserts. Groovy feel-good tunes in a tapas bar will get a group ordering another round of sharing plates. After all, eating out isn’t ever a chore. It’s a treat, a chance to be pampered. Or it’s at least a convenient break from everyday cooking. The music should reflect that sense of relaxation and enjoyment!

Coming back for seconds

The music should not only match the mood of your establishment, but also the decor, the clientele—the vibe. If you’re a hip, new bao bar serving up steamed buns to urban foodies, then you need something quirky and fun. Whereas an old-school steakhouse needs something smoky and sophisticated. And of course, a traditional fine dining room should have on some smooth piano or classical music for restaurants. When the styling of the restaurant and the music match, it meets customer expectations and creates a sense of ease. So carefully choosing music for restaurants is going to help them settle in and—with luck—become regulars. And don’t forget to match energy; louder, faster music moves people along more quickly than low and slow. Of course, if you’re running an avant garde kitchen, feel free to ignore the rules!

Music for Restaurants you can choose from:

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Floere – Pure Authenticity
Tianguang Yang – Walking Alone
Nadav Cohen – Summervibechill
Aurealistic – Congo NW Zeland
Intro – Strings Of The Afternoon
Oles Korovnichenko – Inspiration Piano (Various Versions)
Steve Poloni – The Fourth Of Fall
Paul Werner – Vastness

Being able to customize your tunes is especially important for independent businesses. But a restaurant’s playlist should include at least a couple hundred tracks. And it needs regular updating to keep it fresh. Licensing this much music from performing rights warehouses, however, can cost a heck of a lot. With a Yummy Sounds Unlimited Music membership, you get a year of full download access to our entire library – literally thousands of tracks – for just $199. And once you’ve downloaded a Yummy Sounds track, it’s yours to use over and over again without any additional fees. What’s more, we’re adding new artists and tunes all the time. So you’ll always find unique music for restaurants on Yummy Sounds!


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