Knock it out of the park with great music for sports highlight videos!

music for sports highlight videos

Score big with the right music for sports highlight videos!


Attending a big sporting event has definitely got to be one of life’s best pleasures. The atmosphere is buoyant, electrified! The full expanse of the human condition plays out in miniature on the field or court. Fear, delight, nerves, passion, anguish, hope, victory! Watching it live on television is undoubtedly the next best thing. But for posterity, there’s nothing so curiously charming as a perfectly cut highlight reel. It may only be a few minutes long, but if it’s done right, it will still capture every last bit of excitement from the original event! And to do that, it needs undeniably brilliant music for sports highlight videos!

music for sports highlight videos

Bringing the best moments to life


When you’re watching a sports highlight reel, you want to feel like you’re reliving the real live event. That’s never easy to deliver on film, and it’s especially hard when you’re only seeing a few key minutes of a long event. The right music for sports highlight videos without a doubt makes a huge difference in delivering that. And for fans and family members who can’t attend, it’s a real treat to get the whole experience captured beautifully on film.

NFL Films pretty much created the gold standard when it comes to this type of film. Although they’re operating with a budget that scarcely registers as real, what’s important isn’t what they spend on music. It’s how they interweave sight and sound that definitely makes the difference. They have a knack for adding pitch-perfect music at just the right moments. They can capture any mood whether it’s anxious or triumphant, serious or playful.

What a difference a tune makes


Okay, we know it was only last night, and everyone was probably out late celebrating. But the BBC’s highlight film of England’s historic win over Colombia to advance to the quarter-finals of the World Cup hasn’t got a music track on it! Winning on penalties for the first time ever in a World Cup match is a big deal! And while there’s plenty of giddy shouting and the roar of the crowd, some absolutely ace music for sports highlight videos layered on top would have taken this into the stratosphere!

It really is the difference between an interesting bit of footage and a heart-stoppingly exciting reel. Hopefully once everyone over at BBC Sports recovers from their hangover, they’ll pop some top tracks on to enhance this video. It’s tough to convey the intensity of the fans and the emotions of the players without the music. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of lads kicking a ball about.

Music for Sports Highlight Videos to choose from:

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Intro – Flames Attached
Intro – Prepare For Battle
Floere – You Can’t Break Me
Intro – Babylon II
Intro – Over The Thunderstorm
Veaceslav Draganov – Inspiring Triumphant Trailer
Mike Dicillo – Gods of Lothran
Intro – Kückenmühle

And there’s no reason why youth and community sports can’t have exhilarating end-of-season videos, too. Some of the most memorable moments are forged on the playing field! Adding some dramatic music for sports highlight videos to the footage gives it a professional polish that you’ll definitely appreciate. So whether you’re covering world champs or the junior varsity team, the right tracks will show off all the thrills of the live action games!

So, adjust those gloves, tap those cleats, and meet us right here for a face-off with the best Yummy Sounds has to offer!

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