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Music for TV Commercials

You’ve developed your service, you’ve created a new product and got some investors behind it. Now you’re bringing it all to market. It’s time to sell it. And even in the age of social media and viral marketing, one of the best ways to reach the widest audience possible is still the classic television commercial. For that, you need precision entertainment, something that is going to immediately capture your audience’s attention, and for just a few quick seconds, keep them engaged. And hopefully give them something they’ll remember long after the ad is over.

How Music Works in TV Commercials

An outstanding musical hook is a great way to reel in your target’s attention from the second the advert begins. It only takes a few seconds of dynamic, catchy music in a tv commercial to convey a range of positive associations with whatever’s selling. That almost unnoticeable action in the mind of the listener and viewer is a crucial part of your ad’s first impression. It will direct the audience’s attention, creating a sense of anticipation, perhaps, or excitement, or even gravity, depending on the type of music. That ability to conduct the emotional reaction tells the viewer how to interpret what they’re seeing. This is especially important if your brand is still establishing itself or if your television commercial has a narrative-like story to tell in visual form. Basically, your audience needs the music to tell them how they’re supposed to feel about what they’re seeing.



  • Mike Dicillo – Launch Day
  • Paul Werner – That is fun
  • Paul Werner – Upbeat Inspiration



  • Mike Dicillo – Vasilisa
  • Paul Werner – Inspired (incl. 4 Extra Versions )
  • Oliver Garcia – First Kiss

Choosing the Right Music is Key

Imagine a well established car company. It makes a product everyone is familiar with. It may make really good cars, reliable and beloved. And it’s just come out with the latest version of a well-known model. It’s a variation of a classic product line, and use of a classic rock anthem draws out all the right audience reactions – nostalgia, good times, the golden years – it’s an oldie but a goodie, as they say. This is a perfect marriage between product and And a big company like that is going to have a massive budget to pay to license a big name artist for a national campaign, to fork over royalties for associated social media, and maybe even to bring the artist or artists on board with the creation of the commercial. This can result in a fantastic marketing campaign.

Building Something New

For a young company, a cutting-edge brand, or a striking and innovative product, using music that everyone already knows for a tv commercial doesn’t match with the message you want to send that this is something new. It’s going to change things, and it’s different from everything else you’ve seen before. This kind of a campaign needs music for TV commercials that sets a mood without bringing well-known celebrities and their public personalities into it. It allows you, the creator of the ad – and of the product – to create exactly the set of emotional associations you want between your audience and what you’re selling.

How Do I Choose?

The library here at Lino Rise Media is full of unusual, mood-enhancing tracks. Some are short with no vocals, perfect for ushering in a quick ad. Others are quite a bit longer, with vocals for enhancing the message of the advert. All of them have top-notch production values that provide a feeling of professional authority, vital for ensuring you elicit a trust relationship with your target audience. Whether you’re after a brisk, driving beat to bring to mind an exciting and fast-paced future, or you want a quirky melody for an artisanal association, you’ll benefit from browsing the selection here. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of tracks, use the drop-down filters on the left-hand sidebar to narrow the field. You can even filter by mood for a quick and easy way to go straight to the music that’s going to elicit the feelings you want.

What’s Everyone Else Doing?

Plenty of advertising campaigns make use of well-known pop music, either reproducing iconic recordings and performances or else riffing on it. Changing the words slightly so they relate more directly to the product or even leaving out the vocals for a more subtle connection between a song’s lyrics and a company’s values, for example, are some of the cleverest ways pop and rock music are co-opted by advertising campaigns.


For Futuristic Productions

Check out City of Tomorrow I for a track that conjures both a sense of laid-back cool and a techy urban future.


  • Intro – Warfare

Easy Going Productions


The laconic Chromatic Twist has a charming piano melody that builds a bit of emotional tension before resolving into a very hopeful major key for a fantastic reveal moment in an advert.


For Emotional Productions

Or give Eagle Two a try if you are trying to convey a touch of grandeur. It’s got the perfect balance dignity and understated power, without turning pompous. And there are dozens more, with additional work being added all the time, both from in-house composer Thilo, as well as unique tracks from new artists and collaborations.


  • Intro – Finally Family

Is Licensing Music for Television Adverts Expensive?

NO it is a lot cheaper than regular radio music, but with better Quality!

Buying a usage license is never more cost effective than paying traditional royalty fees for music usage. LRM can be used under a graduated range of music licenses. Our Silver, Gold and Platinum licenses allow for differing levels of television broadcast, so be sure to choose the one that best matches how you intend to use the tv commercial music. If you have any questions about it, just get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to work with you to make sure you’re getting the best from your TV advert music & the best music for your TV commercial now.


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