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-Telephone On-Hold Music-

Telephone On-Hold Music

Offer a better customer experience with good tunes


Let’s face it: no one likes getting put on hold. Nevertheless, we each spend hours on hold every year. It’s just a necessary evil of the customer service world. Be that as it may, there’s no reason why telephone on-hold music should be anything other than interesting and catchy. We’ve come to expect boring elevator music while we wait. But it’s time to think outside the telephone box. Choosing great on-hold music keeps customers on the phone longer, and that means better service. It’s science!



The ups and downs of technology

Call center technology experts Greenlight break it down pretty bluntly. Telephone on-hold music is difficult to get right because of a combination of basically two things. First, the sound quality of music through a telephone is always inferior to playing it through your own stereo. Secondly, people don’t like being on hold, so they’re disinclined to feel love for the tunes they have to hear.

On the other hand, they do in fact prefer some sound to hearing nothing at all. So they might as well have something awesome on, even if the quality suffers a bit. And you can mitigate the quality issue by choosing tracks that are uncomplicated. Thus they will transmit more clearly. And you’ll have less of the dreaded clipping effect. Greenlight recommends something simple, electronic, and limited in tonal range and volume. What on earth does all that mean?

Keep your customers thinking

Basically, you need a sound that isn’t going to get muddied over the phone. And which also isn’t going to become grating after 30 seconds. A clean and clear melody is without a doubt the most important consideration. In other words, instrumentation with definition, makes for the best telephone on-hold music. Piano and other keyboard sounds, including synths and mallets, work well here. In addition, flute and other percussive winds might be a good option.

Another key point is that simple does not equal boring. Vijaykumar Krishnan Palghat, an academic expert in the psychology of hold music (yes, really) also recommends keeping things interesting. In the heyday of Muzak, repetitive, generic tunes were the standard. But as the good professor says, if the customer is busy processing interesting music, they stop worrying about being on hold. So don’t be afraid to choose something with a bit of a groove!   

Telephone On-Hold Music you can choose from:

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Intro – Last Summer Bell
Intro – Focus II
Sneeky Creeky – Press The Lounge Button
Aurealistic – Delta Yoga
Steve Poloni – Epic Travel
Intro – Carefree
Intro – Sheltered
Intro – Everything Is Moving Smoothly

All things considered, choosing telephone on-hold music for your company shouldn’t be considered a throwaway task. Keeping your clients happy, even when they’re calling to complain, takes some thought and finesse. Choosing tunes that reflect your business—upbeat, interesting, worth checking out—can make a real difference to customer experience. With our expertise in electronic music and high quality sound, Yummy Sounds offers a huge variety of solutions for your needs. Indeed, we have thousands of individual tracks that can be looped for continuous play. If you need multiple tracks, or want to change tunes regularly, then check out our great value licensing packages. And of course, we’re always ready to help if you’re not sure what’s best. So get in touch!


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