Victory Music for an Awards Ceremony

Sport events, game shows on radio and TV need a good Music or Jingle
for the event when someone is winning the game or competition.

Victory Music for an Awards Ceremony

Getting the Best From Your Team

Keeping your team happy and motivated is a critical part of people management, whether you’re running a big business or coaching a youth sport. Rewarding everyone’s hard work and recognizing their achievements is a great way to keep them feeling appreciated and ready to work harder. A simple, but public thank you to someone for a job well done or for a big improvement goes a long way toward fostering the drive to achieve even more. With an awards ceremony, you can celebrate together the success of the group and highlight outstanding individual performance.

Why do I need Winning Music

And nothing better evokes the feeling of victory and triumph than a perfectly chosen anthem for the occasion. Big long speeches from the boss thanking everyone for their hard work are a thing of the past. The best way to set the tone at one of these ceremonies is to lay down some winning music. Don’t underestimate the role sound plays in creating an engaging ambience. The perfect piece turns an audience of individuals into a cohesive group, experiencing the music – and the celebration – together.


  • Intro – Triumphant
  • Mike Dicillo – Vasilisa
  • Paul Werner – The Path To Power (+ Trailer Version)
  • Intro – Victory Fanfare I
  • Mike Dicillo – Basileus

Great Music Sets the Mood

Choosing the right awards ceremony music for your event is key both to creating the appropriate atmosphere and to putting on a great show for the audience. A perfectly paced victory intro will get the crowd excited. And a noble instrumental track will alert the people to the importance of what’s coming next. Building a sense of anticipation at each stage will give the audience cues about how important each moment is, and will make a memorable occasion.

Choosing an Anthem for a Formal Event

A first-class formal event for a big company, a charitable organization or a business association requires awards ceremony music that will provide the proper pomp. Recognizing big accomplishments needs a grand sound. Consider choosing music that incorporates a fanfare intro or a slowly building crescendo. This cues the audience’s emotional response to the significance of the achievement. Gorgeous instrumental swells and an increasingly layered melody will drive the sense of greatness.

Great Music Sets the Mood

Working the Crowd and Lifting Spirits

For a more exciting, less decorous celebration, well chosen victory music gets the audience revved up and expectant. Uptempo awards ceremony music lends an air of a grand party to proceedings. And even if music isn’t played throughout the event, something fun and jaunty played at the beginning and the close of the affair  will set a festive, celebratory tone. Winning music conveys to the team that they’ve done something to be really proud of.

Matching Music to a Video Tribute

Memorializing a fantastic season or a big event with a video preserves a record of accomplishments for the benefit of the team. And when it comes to giving your organization’s stakeholders something to see at the end of a project, a video makes a wonderful change from yet another pile of papers to sift through. A great anthem added to the video edit will highlight the best moments from your year.

And exhibiting a video to introduce an award at a ceremony is a unique way to accentuate the climax of the proceedings. Matched with a winning sound, it’s a fantastic way to recognize the personal achievements of a team member who has gone above and beyond to produce excellent results. And combined with a triumphant anthem, it’s a wonderful way to say thank you to a beloved employee or coach on their retirement.

Music for an Event to Remember

So make it a truly special occasion with a selection of dynamic and uplifting music. When the celebration is over, the lingering effects of the perfect awards ceremony music will leave your teammates and employees feeling inspired and motivated. Those positive feelings will translate into commitment and confidence at work or in the field.

If you’re interested in creating a customized anthem for your own company or team, Lino Rise Media would be happy to work with you to create a unique sound. Taking into consideration your goals, your personalities and the mood you want to create, we can bring together all these elements to produce something that lets people know what you’re about.


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