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Welcome to Yummy Sounds: Your Creative, Delicious Sound Partner

We are a dynamic and innovative force in the world of music. We’re not just a streaming platform; we’re your comprehensive partner in the audio landscape, serving both clients and artists alike. As a versatile Licensing Platform, Sync Agency, and Music Production House, we are dedicated to bringing the incredible talent of our artists to projects around the globe.

Discover our Platform’s Features

Designed with the simplicity of an app, our platform integrates an intuitive audio streaming player that operates seamlessly from just a single open tab. The music player constantly stays active, making sure your listening history is readily accessible at all times. Our fullscreen mode (found on the left side bar) further enhances your immersion, allowing you to concentrate fully on exploring and enjoying our music collection.

AI Music Search:

The primary tool for music discovery is the AI Search on our Music Search Page, where the search for the perfect track delves deeper into our catalog than ever before. Every feature on this page is designed for ease of use, with helpful tooltips to guide you through the search process. As technology advances, we’ll continuously integrate more innovative features, enhancing your experience and refining your search results. Dive into a world where music discovery is redefined — quick, intuitive, and especially fun 😀

Listening History:

Manage your listening queue and review your recent plays using the Listening History button located on the right side of the bottom player. Press ‘L’ to shows and hide it.

Instrumental Listening:

Most our vocal songs have instrumental version, a microphone icon in the bottom player indicates that. By clicking on this icon, if available, you can seamlessly toggle between the two versions. If you require any additional versions or modifications of our songs, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form and we will deliver you what you need!


Keep track of your favorite songs by liking them. You can access all your liked songs in your profile.


Add songs to a private playlist by “Add to Playlist.” Visit and edit your playlists within your profile. You can share them via the link.

Loudness normalization:

We’ve applied loudness normalization to our streaming platform for consistent volume levels and smoother listening. When downloading WAV files, the genre-specific hot master loudness is preserved, ensuring ready-to-use tracks.

Request Playlists:

You will get a handpicked playlist with our best song recommendations for your project by our team directly into your account, for free.

Preview Download:

Easily download a watermarked preview of any song and test it in your project before licensing it for use.

Guided License Form:

Click on the cart icon accompanying each audio item to access our guided licensing form. This tool ensures that you pay only for what you need, guaranteeing a tailored and secure licensing experience.

For more information check out our FAQ section.